When a person is charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, he/she is arrested and booked into the Pennsylvania Jail or central holding center. Once the accused has seen a judge, a Pennsylvania bail amount is set and the person can pay the bail and be released while awaiting a future court date. If bail is not paid the person will remain in jail awaiting future court dates.

Judges use a multitude of information when determining an amount of Pennsylvania bail. The person’s prior criminal history, citizenship status, state of residence, and severity of the crime are all considered when determining the Pennsylvania bail amount.

Most people find it very difficult to pay the full amount of bail for the release of their loved one. This is why they choose to use a Pennsylvania Bail Bond Agent as a way to afford posting the bail. When a Pennsylvania Bail Bonds company is used, the person only needs to pay a small percentage of the bail amount. As long as the accused shows for all his/her court hearings until the case is finalized, there will not be any further monies owed to the Pennsylvania Bail Bonds Agent.

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